1. Industrial automation

(Production and process automation)

1.1 Control system: PLC and SCADA

1.2 Sensors and actuators

1.3 Embedded system

1.4 Measurement and test system

1.5 Communication, network and

 field bus control system

1.6 Industrial computer

1.7 Data acquisition and identification

 system of industrial automation

1.8 Laser technology

1.9 Automation services

1.10 Air grind technology

 and equipment

1.11 Assembly and handling system,

 linear positioning system 

2. Robots and machine vision

2.1 Industrial robots

2.2 Service robots

2.3 Robot simulation and visual system


2.4 Industrial image processing

 system and machine vision

2.5 Relevant machine vision,

 devices and components

3. Electrical system

3.1 Servo motors, motors and

 frequency converters

3.2 Transmission and mechanical

 drive system

3.3 Transformers, batteries and

 uninterruptible power supply

3.4 Wires and cable accessories

3.5 Electric-control electrical switch

 gears and equipment

3.6 Electricians and optoelectronic


3.7 Electronic & power test and

 inspection equipment 

4. Industrial automation information

technology and software

4.1 Integrated management software

of factories

4.2 Industrial IT software

4.3 Industrial basic system and

 development tools

4.4 Factory production software

4.5 Solutions for industrial internet/

local area network in factories/local

area network outside factories

4.6 Services

5. Other

5.1 Interface technology (connector)

5.2 Electronic components and

 auxiliary equipment

5.3 Non-standard automation


5.4 Hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing

 equipment, vacuum equipment

5.5 Fluid control, valves and actuators

5.6 Flowmeters and measuring test


5.7 Filters and dryers



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